Eden Gil


Making conversational bots easy to create, friendly to use, and more human-like in order to increase business efficiency.




User experience       User interface       Product management

The company

Cocohub is a platform that enables the no-code creation of conversational bots to help businesses grow and be available for their customer 24/7.
The product is been used by more than 26k users.

My role

As a solo designer, I was in charge of creating a whole new concept for the app, from a conversation-design builder to a bots creation and management platform with it’s new exciting features.

The old platform

the challenge

Creating chatbots without having a technical background

The original app was a node-based builder that allowed conversation designers to create reusable AI-driven conversation flows. The company had a bigger vision – bringing conversational bots to the norm to help businesses (and then I came). To achieve that, we needed to redesign and rebrand the app as a service where every user could create a virtual assistant without having any technical background.

The old platform

User research

The gap in human-bot interactions.

Insights from meetings with potential users showed that bots are affiliated with frustrating experiences.
There’s a big gap between how humans expect to interact and the way bots have been able to answer up until now.
Furthermore, people are intimidated by technical-looking platforms.

It became clear that an easy-to-use and friendly interface is vital while keeping the advanced option of the builder open for the existing users.

“The adventurer”

Israel, 32 y.o

Joe is a tech-savvy personal trainer,
He’s searching for a way to scale up his business by automating some of his tasks.


Automating FAQ, workout instructions, and having someone to schedule appointments for him 24/7.


Hiring an assistant is very costly.


Being able to answer every trainee at any time of the day, while focusing on the training work.

“The seeker”

USA, 56 y.o

Sharon is a talent recruitment specialist, She wants to reach as many candidates as possible during her company’s conferences.


Maximizing lead generation by using a service that allows her to focus on other tasks.


No knowledge in tech “stuff”.


Finding as many talents as she can before recruiters of other companies do.

Gamification of the interface

To make bots more trusted and engaging, we decided that they should represent the product as virtual humans – digital helpers, and give the platform a more gamified feel. 
I took inspiration from video game character editors, various no-code platforms, and project management apps to create an intuitive and visually appealing solution.

The product offers

Creating Virtual Humans for any purpose, without the need of any technical skill.

The platform allows the creation and publication of Virtual Humans in communication channels of the users’ choice, such as text, phone, and even video.

To give them their “role” or “purpose”, users can use the dashboard to add customized information to their Virtual Human’s “knowledge” -
an information bank that the bots will use when people ask them certain pieces of information.

Power users create conversational components from scratch in the builder and connect them to their Virtual Human’s “brain”.
Combining a custom-made brain with utilizing the “knowledge” feature gave a really helpful and “intelligent” assistant.

Redesigning the builder

Saving working space while making the builder responsive to mobile devices.

The refining process of the builder took a lot of thinking. One of the main goals was to maximize the canvas working space when remapping all the features. To do so, I’ve created a file with the builder’s full feature list. The list contains the current location of each feature and where it will be placed in the upcoming version, based on user feedback. The file also contains prototypes of new interactions needed to make the builder fitting for mobile devices.

NEW fabs & drawers


Virtual humans as a service, available in text, phone and even video.

With cocohub, business owners can create and publish customized digital helpers and expand their reach to customers while monitoring the data gathered through in-app analytics. The virtual humans help automate form filling, lead generation, answer FAQs, and much more.
They do all that with human grace.

Maturing as a designer, 
seeing all aspects of the product.

During my time at cocohub, I learned to navigate the rapid UX process in a start-up, how to communicate with the R&D team, lead product sprints, and take full responsibility for the product’s design.

the founders gave me their trust and granted me ownership of the company’s look and feel, which allowed me to contribute to cocohub in many aspects – from designing pitch decks to the app’s analytics dashboard and even speaking in international competitions and conferences.

Coral world | Aquari-ID system

Simplifying the daily operations of Coral World’s employees
by crafting a modern project and livestock management app.

Forever curious, eager to learn new things and how they work.
I believe that by understanding it first, any complex system can get an elegant and simple design.